Prompted IDs are similar to personal identification numbers (PINs) that provide a secure authorization to approve all transactions. Each transaction made through a card on your account must be approved by the entry of these prompted IDs.

Your online account management website allows you to add prompted IDs to any card on your account (or fleet if you have access to multiple fleets).

Add Prompted ID Screen
Field Description
Prompted ID Enter a 5-digit prompted ID. Ensure the prompted ID:

  • Contains no consecutive numbers (ex: 123, 456)
  • Contains no sequential numbers (ex: 333, 444)
  • Contains no leading zeros (ex: 01234, 05678)
Generate Click Generate to auto-generate a prompted ID.
Employee # Enter a cardholder’s full employee number (up to 10 digits).
Description Enter a description for the prompted ID, such as “For Jon’s Card”.
Prompted ID allowed for:
  • All cards in your fleet: The prompted ID applies to every card in your fleet.
  • Only cards in the same department: The prompted ID applies to all your cards under your selected account and fleet.
  • Only a single card: The prompted ID applies to only one card of your selection.

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