Common card declines at the pump include:

  • Driver entered an incorrect prompted ID: Avoid this by ensuring your drivers have the correct driver prompted ID. You can change or reset a prompted ID on your account management website (My Cards > Prompted IDs).
  • Fuel site does not accept your type of card: Verify the fuel site accepts the card before fueling. Use the account management website’s Fuel Locator to figure out which fuel sites accept your card.
  • Your account is over the credit limit: The account management website’s home page displays your current unbilled balances. Use this information to verify that your account is not over the credit limit.
  • Purchase is outside of the cards controls: Each card has a vehicle profile with various limits such as transaction maximums, daily limits, time of week/day, and fuel type. To view your vehicle profiles, visit Vehicle Profiles under Cards > Card Profiles. These limits can be changed for each card.
  • Your account is locked: Verify your recent payments were received and posted correctly or call customer service for more information.